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Accessories for Women

accessories for women

Which woman doesn’t loves handbags, shoes, hats or jewelery? Everything that make us look more beautiful and can accentuate our appearances are feminine accessories. We can therefore with some basic knowledge to do wonders!

Bags: bags for women is one of the most important accessories. The ideal would be the bag is the same color as our shoes. Colors such as black, dark blue, brown and beige match very easily with a variety of shoes, so choose them often. Good is to adopt a kind of professional bag that will have everything necessary for our work and switch bags as our appearance, only in the afternoon or evening out. And of course we do not keep winter bag with a summer dress or vice versa because the show is just bad.

Shoes: If the shoes do not consider all accessory, a lot of attention because it is accessory and from the most important! If it is dirty, unpainted, beaten etc, can and spoil all our show. We should be aware that shoes are sample salons our taste. Basic colors are to follow your clothes or be identical with the bag.

Belts: belts should be wide if the average is not very delicate. If you wear belts accessories, we make sure that is the same color shoes and bag us.

Scarves: scarves are among the finest and stylish accessories! We add grace and natural femininity even simpler our appearance.

Hats: Hats are accessories common in some countries and classes too, in our country and in the Western world very little or not at all. In Greece too worn in summer and wear more to protect ourselves from the sun.

Glasses: The glasses some people have them then due to health problems of their eyes. But it is also accessories and we would be the skeleton in neutral colors to match the appearance of each of us.

Gloves: Once the gloves as accessories, were necessary in female appearance. Today it has limited its use only in the winter cold. Generally it is advisable to follow the colors of our shoes. Now, as for evening gowns or dresses, then of course have to match the rest looks.

Socks & Stockings: Essential element and accessories for women and physically symbol of femininity. To keep it that way but it must be flawless and not missing credits or be crooked or not match our appearance and especially the right size. The socks worn with low or sports shoes and sports or picnic outfit and always careful to match the color with the other clothes. And importantly: No socks with sandals!

Jewelry: our jewelry as accessories must match with our total appearance. For example if we have a more sporty look, it would be extreme funny sight to wearing gold long earrings. So it would be good, each our appearance match their own jewelry.

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