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Alcohol … how dangerous is it?


Alcohol is the most widely used psycho-active substance in many countries of the Western world from the U.S. to European countries, with unique effects on the person using it. The Jellinek (1946. Than people who have broken new ground in the study of alcoholism) concluded that all alcoholics could be divided into five main categories. These categories were named from the Greek alphabet:

Alcoholism Type A: This is purely psychological dependence on alcohol without serious complications.

Alcoholism Type B: Occurs when physical problems such as cirrhosis of the liver and other caused because of alcohol use, but the individual also be psychologically dependent.

Alcoholism type C: Altered biological response to alcohol, leading to spontaneous use of the substance and is characterized by an inability to control the amount you consume.

Alcoholism type D: Altered biological response to alcohol, leading to weakness era of alcohol.

Alcoholism type E: Extraordinary regular use of alcohol.

Like substance alcohol is no different than drugs. Idea as alcohol present themselves as lifestyle, advertised ways, ends up in our homes and becomes necessary in our interactions. In Greece can be obtained from the convenience store or the neighborhood supermarket and even a child of five. Alcohol is legal addictive substance. Heroin and cocaine are illegal.

The distinguished scientists who signed the petition, determine a new scale risk drugs, disregarding the difference between legitimate and unauthorized drugs. Classify products into three categories.

The first, which is the most dangerous, including heroin, cocaine and alcohol.

The second collects psychotonotika, hallucinogens, tobacco and benzodiazepines.

In the third category we find, but at a distance, as specified is the hash reference.

The outcome determines that none of these products is not completely harmless.

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