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Healthy cooking and its secrets

Healthy cooking: Use grill, steam, boil or microwave to narrow as possible fat. Use in frying vegetable oil. Cook stews and soups slowly, regularly skimming the fat. Drain as much fat as possible from the pot before making the sauce. Build yourself your soup without salt, because...


People who eat no meat is often healthier than those who eat. They can lower cholesterol levels in blood pressure as and thus reduced risk of heart disease. Vegetarianism is healthier because it contains no fats of meat. Also, richer in fibers, which not only assist in bowel...

Symptoms of stress

Learn the symptoms of stress and avoid depression       Troubles with sleep. Often want to cry. Feel permanently tired and lethargic. Rarely laugh or smile. Having trouble concentrating or making decisions. Suffer from nervous tics. Do you have headaches or muscle...

Children and Vitamins

Healthy children that have a varied diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, cereals and dairy products do not need vitamin supplements. However, children living with processed foods such as crisps, chips, burgers, etc., may show a lack of vitamins. Many scientists argue that...

How to quit smoking

To quit smoking you should really want it. Make a list of all the reasons that you have to cut the cigarette and pick a calm and without stress day to start. Alternatively, you could start a day you’re sick.       Stop once and for all and not gradually. Get...
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