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Feeling remorse? What are our sins (calories)?

We all do some eating irregularities. Do you regret? Let’s not hide anymore behind our fingers … Now the summer certainly most of us do some eating irregularities, some regret it and others do not. We, however, below we give you information on some temptations and...

Anti-aging … what role does our diet?

Anti-aging and nutrition … the only solution to avoid the scalpels   The truth is that from a certain age onwards, almost all women suffer hysteria when they think of how quickly the years pass and therefore how they grow! So most looking for various ways in which we...

Tips for flat belly this summer

It is now August, the month during which most of us (or at least those who have privileges) are enjoying their holidays. Other “melt” under the sun trying to tan or sunbed lying either in the hot sand and enjoy both the sea and others “melt” the couch of...

Cellulite and Diet

Nearly all women would like to delete the word “cellulite” from their vocabulary and the meaning of the word out of their minds! But what is cellulite? By the term “cellulite” refer to the deposition of water and fat between the skin and the layer...

Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Frozen yogurt or ice cream? Longer the sweet dilemma of summer. The truth is that frozen yogurt has a sprawling market and gaining more and more funs compared with for many years classic sweet summer which of course is the refreshing ice cream. If you sit on a main street and...

Diet for a safe tan

And who would not want to have a nice enviable tanned body now that summer is ideally matched with the colorful clothes and swimsuits that are in vogue. Most women will say they struggle to get the tan that will satisfy (at least those that do not have the financial wherewithal...
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